Residential Moving

There is so much at stake when selling or buying a new home. During this period of transition, we at First-Rate understand exactly and know all to well the importance in honoring our commitments to our customers. The First-Rate advantage:

  • Residential moves are the core of our business and our specialty.

  • We only provide strait-forward pricing with absolutely no hidden charges.

  • Professional crews who genuinely care for our clients’ property and possessions.

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Commercial Moving:

Most commercial moving jobs possess a host of different challenges when comparing to moving a residential home. We work directly with project manager who is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring a seamless process. The First-Rate advantage:

  • Very Flexible working hours (7 days a week)

  • On-Site planning directly at the location with all bases covered and any complexity's fully understood

  • Our combined Packing & Moving service will ensure a smooth process for all parties involved 

Apartment Moves:

When quoting an apartment move you will be speaking with one of our seasoned consultants who fully understand the ins and outs of this process. We will provide various options to the client in regards to preparation for move day as well as cost saving expertise. The First-Rate advantage:

  • All of our employees main qualities is their athletic advantage.

  • They are all well-maintained and in-shape to move efficiently up & down stairs, navigate your large pieces through tight corners and doorways.

  • Our top of the line dollies guarantee an expedited process through many apartment buildings with elevator restrictions and those with extremely lengthy hallways

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Spa Moves:

Any hot-tub, Jacuzzi or swim spa requires a combination of team strength and knowledge of how to.

The First-Rate advantage:

  • Quality Equipment with unmatched industry employee strength. 

  • The know-how to navigate the spa up and down stairs and through landscaping.

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Pool Tables: 

When purchasing your pool table there's a lot more involved than just bolting on the legs and placing it where you want. You need to ensure all of the slate is precisely level and the felt is evenly placed and secured tightly to ensure a smooth and flat playing process.

The First-Rate advantage:

  • Trained crews on the full understanding of the break-down and set-up process

  • All shims as well spray glue or staple materials to re secure the felt